(1)   Mercedes Metris Cargo Van (Parking structure clearance as low as 6’5”) 



(2)   Sony FX9 Full Frame 4K DCI Camera (Complete w/Camera, Tripod, Batteries, Media, Media Reader, and            Matte Box Kit     

(1)   Sony FS5 S35 4K UHD Camera (Complete w/ Camera, Tripod, Batteries, Media, Media Reader, Sony 18-105        IS Lens, 10-18mm IS Lens, EF Adaptor and Matte Box Kit


(1)   Sony Full Frame Servo 28-135 G Zoom Lens

       Sigma Full Frame E-Mount Zooms (70-200, 24-70 & 14-24mm) 

       Sigma Full Frame E-Mount Primes (135, 105, 85, 40mm)

       Sigma Full Frame E-Mount 70mm Macro

(1)   Fujinon S35 MK 18-55mm T2.9 Chroszeil Servo Zoom Motor

(1)   Fujinon S35 MK 55-135mm T2.9 Chroszeil Servo Zoom Motor


(2)   21” BM210 Flanders Scientific 3D LUT, Split Screen View Monitor with Internal Broadcast Scopes

(1)   7" 702 Bright SmallHD Field Monitor 

(1)   5" 502 Bright SmallHD Field Monitor

(1)   5.6” TVLogic Onboard Monitor with Internal Broadcast Scopes

(6)   50’ BNC Cable (Black, Red, Blue)

(6)   25’ BNC Cable (Black, Red, Blue)

(1)   Media Manager Kit



(1)   DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K UHD Drone (FAA CF 14 Part 107 Compliant with FAA Remote Pilot Airman Certificate)

(1) ​​  DJI Ronin RS2​ (Pairs with Sony FS5 Camera)

(2)   Sony FDR-X3000 4K UHD Action Camera with Rigging (A High Quality Substitution for GoPro) 

(1)   DJI Osmo 4K Gimbal Stabilized Camera

(1)   Hollywood MicroDolly 13’ Straight Track 

(1)   Dana Dolly w/ 4’-8’ track

(1)   Medium Ball Level Car Mount Kit with Suction Cups

(1)   100mm Bowl Hi-Hat


(1) Aputure Light Storm 300d Mark II Kit

(2)   1x1 Astra 6x Hi Output / Bi-Color Light Panels (Complete w/Softbox Kit & Honeycomb Louver)

(2)   Kino Flo Select 20 LED Kits

(2)   Dracast 500 Pro Bi-Color LEDs

(2)   Dracast 500 Silver Bi-Color LEDs

(2)   Dracast Boltray 600 Plus Bi-Color Fresnel LEDs

(2)   Caliber Daylight Fresnel LEDs

(1)   1K Arri Open-face (Complete w/ Softbox Kit)

(1)   650w Arri Fresnel (Complete w/ Softbox Kit)

(1)   300w Arri Fresnel (Complete w/ Softbox Kit)

(2)   150w Arri Fresnels

(1)   12'x12' Chroma Key Green Screen

(1)   12’x12’ Solid Black

(1)   12’x12’ Full Poly Silk

(1)   6’x6’ Full Poly Silk

(2)   4’x4’ Solid Floppies 

(1)   4’x4’ Full Silk framed

(1)   4’x6’ ScrimJim PKG (Full Silk, Solid, Unbleached Muslin Bounce or Ultra Bounce)

(1)   18” x  24” Flag Kit (Solid, Double, Single, Silk, Pattern) 

(4)   50’ Stingers 

(4)   25’ Stingers

(2)   Flex Fills (White/Silver - White/Gold)



(2)   Two Riser Steel Combo Stands Mnt. Leg w/ 4” grip head 

(2)   Junior Boom/Menace Arms 

(6)   40” C-Stands

(2)   20” C-Stands

(8)   Baby Stands

(1)   12x12 Butterfly Frame w/sleeves & ears 

(1)   12x12 Backdrop Frame

(2)   35lb Sand Bags

(4)   20lb Sand Bags

(2)   15lb Sand Bags

(2)   15lb Boa Counter Weight Bags 

(1)   Full Apple Box

(2)   Half Apple Box

(1)   Grip Kit (Assorted Clamps, Dimmers, Expendables, i.e. Tape, Gels, ND Window gel, etc.)